When an event comes together it’s easy to take pride in organising it. However, if you have ever organised a birthday party or a wedding you will know the idea is one thing, but pulling it all together requires a team effort.

The sum of the parts is so much more.

We’d like to thank Peter Hopwood and his team at Somerset Prostate Support Association for all their hard work on the day. People to administer the booking and walk in system. The four phlebotomists taking blood and arranging it to be despatched to the labs.

Our venue hosts, St Thomas’s Church were brilliant. Our sponsors inc. Bowleys Garage, Sun Chemicals and D’Ovidio Bros. are also to be thanked. It costs between £16.50 and £20.00 to test each person and their financial contribution certainly made a difference.

A special thanks to the organising committee from the City of Wells Lions through to everyone who served tea and made cake to raise money. Those who distributed leaflets and to the many people who share posts and videos on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

The event will have made a difference in raising awareness and in encouraging men to keep on top of their health.

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