It is with deep regret that the City of Wells Lions has to announce that we are unable to organise the May Day Fair this year.

We have been holding community events in the City for 44 years and have staged the May Day Celebrations for the last 14 years, without incident.

We fully understand the safety of the public at any event is paramount, but the demands placed upon us by Mendip Council this year means that as a small volunteer charity group, we do not have the resources to devote to the extensive requirements that the council is seeking to impose.

Wells Lions and other voluntary organisations have been subject to an overzealous and inconsistent approach by Mendip District Council.

I am sure that members of the public, the children and the teachers of the schools who take part each year will be disappointed. However, I trust they will understand our position.

Paul Clegg City of Lions President
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    14 replies to "Wells May Fair Cancelled"

    • Tom Ronan

      Hi Paul, have you got more details as to why this decision was made, what were the extra things that you were being asked to do by MDC? Also who was it at MDC who asked for the extra measures?

      • finbot

        It would be totally wrong to publicly share correspondence and unfair to name any individual. Sufficient to say that many of the voluntary organisations in Wells are having issues with an overzealous interpretation of Health and Safety.

        • Chris

          Why so, if they’re public officers of the council?
          They don’t make their decisions or wield their authority anonymously.
          They’re public servants on the public payroll and subject to public scrutiny.
          Don’t let the autocrats hide – the public deserve to know the decisions which are being delivered in their name.

    • Andrew Leafe

      Really sorry to hear this news, it is an amazing family event. I used to love Policing it when I was a beat manager in Wells. I am on the Parish Council in Street and fully appreciate the complexities of holding public events. I too get frustrated with Mendip Council, where is this can do, helpful attitude, it doesn’t exist. Sadly we are losing our community togetherness spirit due to changing attitudes in our local authorities.

    • norman finnimore

      Mendip District Council have obviously not heard of Murphys law of engineering, Which is, If its working leave it alone,

    • Sue Slade

      What a shame a disappointment for children and adults alike.

    • Glen Newstead

      Well that is a real shame. The wonderful work that you people do, along side other voluntary organisations is unfortunately suffering.

      • finbot

        Thank you Glen

    • jennie

      This is a very sad situation…..

    • Roger Dollins

      Very sad to hear this news, the May Fair and Maypole dancing are a very popular event in the Wells Diary
      It is a sad loss to the local community

      With all the regulations you adhere to, and marshals in attendance all day, the road closure as well, surely this should be enough

      Paul give me a call sometime time Monday evening

      Beast wishes


    • Patrick Warr

      Sorry to read this, visited your May Day about ten years ago and had a lovely time.

      Patrick Warr, ex Christchurch an Dudley Club Lion.

      • finbot

        Thank you Patrick. It is indeed but I am sure something positive will come of our decision.

    • Margaret Burley

      What a shame a lovely family event has been cancelled because of unreasonable demands made by the Council. When we volunteered, at various Lions events, we were impressed with the risk assessments and planning put in by the Lions to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

    • Pam Howard

      Little by little the authorities are tying our hands behind our backs. Health and safety? Rubbish! They’re terrified of being sued by someone because of the lack of care by the public! Somebody slips on a dropped ice cream and sues the council,
      It used to be that people blamed themselves for not looking where they were going, but then the age of litigation arrived and suddenly everyone was blaming the council, or the shop owner, the bus company or the government – and so H&S was formed!
      We have only ourselves to blame, in the first place!

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